This website was initially created in the late 1990s by Mark Hobratschk, the former Supervisor of Reimbursement Services for Cochlear Americas. 

Mark partnered with his senior staffer to create a neutral insurance billing service funded by the only three manufacturers with cochlear implant devices approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  The entity would handle the health insurance claims and appeals for cochlear implant providers without regard to the device brand the patient chose. 

Med El Corporation provided initial funding.  However, the entity was ultimately blocked by Cochlear Americas, which viewed it as a competitor to Otologic Management Services (OMS), its own billing service.  OMS provided the same billing and appeals assistance, but contractually tied it to the purchase of a Cochlear Americas device. 

Although unsuccessful, Mark's idea was eventually turned into the Let Them Hear Foundation Advocacy Program, which sadly was discontinued in 2009 after private donations dissipated. 

The site has since been operated as a free information resource for those with or considering cochlear implants.  It is currently being rebuilt and entirely redesigned after most of the old site was wiped out by the former webhosting service, XO Communications.

The website is privately-maintained and serves no commercial purpose.  It receives no compensation of any kind from any manufacturer, provider, or individual. 

The cochlear.org domain name has been registered exclusively to this site since 2003.  Cochlear is a generic audiologic term in both commercial and non-commercial use by many different entities and domain names and cannot be trademarked. 

The opinions and information provided on this website are soley those of the owner.  Any suggestions about how to obtain coverage, appeal a denial, etc. are not be construed as legal advice.

Any questions about this site should be directed to admin@cochlear.org